Car Insurance Claims

At Autosure we’re an ‘Essential Business’ and here to support you.

Caught in a nose-to-tail on the motorway? Come back to find your car has disappeared? Got a crack in your windscreen from a stone?

We understand that sinking feeling you get when something happens to your car. So if you’re in this situation we’re here to make sure your claim is as easy and stress-free as possible.

How to Make a Claim

These policies are underwritten by and claims are managed by Vero Insurance New Zealand Limited. Simply choose from these options:


Coronavirus COVID-19 Lockdown

We are here to support you during this time. Please note:

  • Repairs: Some repairers will be shut during this period of lockdown and there are difficulties getting parts for vehicles, so repairs will be arranged as and when they can be.
  • WOF & Drivers Licences: If these expire while in Levels 3 & 4 don’t worry – your car insurance will still be in place, as long as there isn’t an existing safety issue that would mean you might not get a WOF – such as tyres needing to be replaced. If you have an accident while using your car for an essential reason during this time, you’ll also be covered as long as the cause of the accident isn’t related to a reason why your car might fail a WOF.
  • If you are experiencing financial hardship at this time, please contact us on 0800 227 787 as we have a range of options that may help. Each of these solutions can be personalised to enable your individual needs to be met.